The adventures of Jackie and Mattie are stories that include great values, such as: hard work, helping others, thinking, creativity and even a little luck!

The Adventures Continue

Backyard Pond

The Backyard Pond is a great idea that grew bigger than Jackie and Mattie planned, but ended up fun for the whole neighborhood! You’ll be surprised once you dive into this great adventure!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Shakes

What happens when at first you don’t succeed? You guessed it, you try again, and something incredible can happen—even better than you dreamed! Jackie and Mattie invent the coolest drink ever!

The Incredible Tree-fort

The Incredible Tree-Fort takes a twist that will surprise Jackie and Mattie. Things always have a way of working out for the better if you keep a smile on your face. This is a great adventure with a great ending!

The Lost Arrowhead

The adventure of The Lost Arrowhead is a surprising find in a very unlikely place. Jackie and Mattie discover that helping someone can turn out better than they can imagine!





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